Lighthouse Christian Church of Oceanside


We are a Non-Denominational Christian Church – A Lighthouse to our Community


About the Kingdom of God
The Soils Matthew 13:3-8 Mark 4:4-8 Luke 8:5-8
The Weeds Matthew 13:24-30
The Mustard Seed Matthew 13:31-32 Mark 4:30-32 Luke 13:18-19
The Yeast Matthew 13:33 Luke 13:20-21
The Treasure Matthew 13:44
The Fishing Net Matthew 13:47-50
The Growing Wheat Mark 4:26-29
About God’s Love
The Lost Sheep Matthew 18:12-14 Luke 15:3-7
The Lost Coin Luke 15:8-10
The Lost Son Luke 15:11-32
About Christ’s Return
The Ten Virgins Matthew 25:1-13
The Wise and Faithful Servant Matthew 24:45-51 Luke 12:42-48
The Traveling Owner of the House Mark 13:34-37
About God’s Values
The Two Sons Matthew 21:28-32
The Wicked Tenants Matthew 21:33-34 Luke 20:9-16
The Unproductive Fig Tree Luke 13:6-9
The Marriage Feast Matthew 22:1-14
The Unforgiving Servant Matthew 18:23-35
About Service and Obedience
The Workers in the Harvest Matthew 20:1-16
The Loaned Money Matthew 25:14-30
The Nobleman’s Servants Luke 19:11-27
The Servant’s Role Luke 17:7-10
About Prayer
The Friend at Midnight Luke 11:5-8
The Unjust Judge Luke 18:1-8
About Neighbors
The Good Samaritan Luke 10:30-37
About Humility
The Wedding Feast Luke 12:16-21
The Proud Pharisee & Corrupt Tax Collector Luke 18:9-14
About Wealth
The Rich Fool Luke 12:16-21
The Great Feast Luke 14:16-24
The Shrewd Manager Luke 16:1-9
About Thankfulness
The Forgiven Debt Luke 7:41-43