I love Christmas!  I believe in celebrating the Christ of Christmas and why He came.  I’m sure you do, too.  That’s what gives purpose and meaning to all our decorations, celebrations, and gift-giving – because God gave us His greatest gift in His son who came to save us, the babe of Bethlehem, and we want to honor Him.

But many people around us only know the trappings of Christmas, and not “the reason for the season.” That can leave people feeling worn out, in debt, and empty by the time Christmas is over: “Whew! I’m glad that is over”, rather than “Wow! That was amazing. I’m glad Christ came for me!”

This is the perfect opportunity for our church to share why we believe in Christmas. 40,299 mailers went out to every home within a few miles of our church, proclaiming “I Believe in Christmas” and inviting people to our special Christmas services (please pray for this outreach); another 3,700 will be distributed through our people (please help by inviting your friends & neighbors). Visitors will come every Sunday in December to hear what we believe.

What an opportunity! Now that we have spent 10 weeks on 10 Key Beliefs of the Christian faith, I thought we would spend the next few weeks looking at what we believe about Christmas. We’ll start this Sunday with “I Believe in the Virgin Birth”; the next week, “I Believe in the Incarnation” (that God became flesh); then “I Believe He is the Messiah, the Savior.” Each of these is important to understanding the meaning of Christmas. Each of these will deepen your faith and enhance your experience of Christmas.

On Dec. 13 & 14 we will celebrate “Christmas Around The World” with our Christmas Concerts by the gifted San Luis Rey Chorale & Orchestra. Then on Christmas Eve we will have 2 services with music, message, and candle-lighting on the theme The Light of Christmas. I can hardly wait!

So pray for our outreach and join us at every service you can this December so that you grow in your faith and can say with us, “I Believe in Christmas!”

Pastor Mike


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