Just the Beginning…

Just the Beginning…

Easter was just the beginning! What happened next? The message of the cross and the resurrection became a revolution that changed the world. Join us for an exciting new series called A.D.:

A.D.NewsThe same people who produced The Bible miniseries and The Son of God film are bringing us a new television series that picks up where the last ones left off. Join us on a journey with the first followers of Christ in the early days of the most powerful global movement in history. Covering the major stories of the first 10 chapters of the book of Acts, our Sunday morning messages will parallel the episodes that will be showing each Sunday night on NBC from Easter Sunday, April 5th, through June 21. Over 100 million people watched The Bible miniseries two years ago, and many saw The Son of God film. What a great opportunity to reach our community with the message that changed the world!

We invite you to watch the series and come hear the messages on the first 10 chapters of Acts and see how Easter was just the beginning! 14 different A.D. study groups are available for teens, young adults, adults, women, and singles on Sunday mornings and throughout the week – contact our church office for more information at 760-726-0590, ext. 14.

Great things are coming up, including worship with contemporary Christian recording artist Ryan Kennedy on April 28th at our 10:00 & 11:30 services, and our Love & Respect marriage conference May 8-9.

Invite someone to what can be a whole new beginning for them!

Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister


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