Stoked Student Ministry exists to glorify God through making disciples of Jesus Christ.  We do this through the study of scripture, Christ-centered worship, and authentic community.  We hope to partner with parents as they seek to help students develop a foundation of gospel maturity and grow in relationship with one another, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord.

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Staying Stoked – Helping our students, help you.  If you are looking for assistance with yard work, painting a fence, to cleaning out a storage unit, our students would love to help.  We are asking for donations that will go toward helping our students afford their Summer 2018 “Christ in Youth Conference” and would love to be able to help you in any way.  If you have a project, please contact Scott at 760-726-0590, ext. 16, or  



Day / Time Location Leader
Sundays 8:45AM Rooms 5 & 6, Church Scott Hoerner


Students who’ve experienced the Bible’s great truths, not just read about them, can walk through their lives with a firm foundation under their feet.  They will know what they believe and why, and they feel a lot more comfortable in situations that are challenging to their faith.

Over the next 13 weeks we will look at foundational, biblical truths that will impact the lives of our students.  They’ll learn how to live out their relationship with Jesus in their everyday lives as they wrestle with issues that really matter…

  • Why bad things happen to good people, and how Jesus brings beauty out of ugly
  • What it means to “grow into” Jesus – living and loving others the way he does
  • Learning how to depend upon the Holy Spirit in life

No matter what the life issue, we believe the Bible offers foundational truths that can help your students live more confidently with a deeper ongoing connection to Jesus.  We’re excited about this adventure and hope you join us!



Day / Time Location Leader
Tuesdays 6:30PM – 8:30PM Lighthouse Christian Church Scott Hoerner


Everyone knows the name of Jesus, and everyone thinks they have an idea of who he is.  But a lot of that opinion is built on a weak foundation of assumptions and half-truths.  When we neglect to pay attention to how Jesus describes himself, we miss who he really is.  Jesus is the most secure person to ever walk the earth, and he was eager to proclaim the truth about himself.

This four-lesson series will plunge your teenagers into an exploration of Jesus, through the lens of his own descriptions of himself.  They’ll not just gather a bunch of facts about him – they’ll also encounter him as he really is. And when they “taste and see” that Jesus is deeply good, they’ll be drawn to him like never before.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1:  I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:1-6)

Lesson 2:  I Am a Perfect Reflection of God (John 5:19)

Lesson 3:  I Am Buried Treasure (Matthew 13:44-46)

Lesson 4:  I Am Dangerously Good (Luke 4:18-19)


  1. WHAT:  Jesus isn’t hiding from us – he wants to be known, and the best way to “taste and see” that he is good is to pay better attention to how he describes himself.
  2. WHY:  Our knowledge of who Jesus really is impacts every area of our life – the more teenagers know the truth about him, the more they’ll be drawn into following him with their whole heart.
  3. HOW:  By slowing down and “paying peculiar attention” to Jesus’ own words about himself, students will see Jesus in ways they never have before.