Stoked Student Ministry exists to glorify God through making disciples of Jesus Christ.  We do this through the study of scripture, Christ-centered worship, and authentic community.  We hope to partner with parents as they seek to help students develop a foundation of gospel maturity and grow in relationship with one another, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord.

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Staying Stoked – Helping our students, help you.  If you are looking for assistance with yard work, painting a fence, to cleaning out a storage unit, our students would love to help.  We are asking for donations that will go toward helping our students afford their Summer 2018 “Christ in Youth Conference” and would love to be able to help you in any way.  If you have a project, please contact Scott at 760-726-0590, ext. 16, or  

Here are a few things coming up in our ministry . . .

Friday, March 16: Click, Grab, and Get Hunt
Mark the calendar for this fun scavenger hunt event Friday night on March 16th, 5:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. at Lighthouse  then go driving around Oceanside on this scavenger hunt type event with our friends and small groups with sweet prizes for the winners. After the hunt, we will return to church for a delicious build your own nachos bar. Make sure you register online for the event anytime. And, if you’ve never turned in a parent liability release form from your parents, we need that too.  Lastly, have a permission slip signed by your parents to turn in.  If you’re inviting your friends make sure they have all necessary forms completed and the permission slips as well.  You can get the permission slips on Sundays and Tuesdays at Stoked.  Check out our Facebook/Instagram for more details.

Sunday, April 22: Girls Night – 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
For girls and the women who parent them. This will be a powerful night for our female students, and if you’re a woman and would like to play a part please talk with me!

Sunday, April 29: Guys Night – 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
For guys and the men who parent them. This will be a great night four our dudes and their fathers/father figures. We will have kickball and a grill going! If you’d like to help out with this event, contact me.

July 9-14: CIY Summer Conference
Get ready for an awesome summer at CIY, “Christ in Youth” on the campus of Biola University.  This is an awesome event for your soon to graduate senior through next year entering high school 8th grader.  Don’t let them miss out, spots are limited so sign them up soon!  We will have an informational meeting on February 18 after second service (12:00 p.m.) for any parents with questions.

July 29-August 4: Family Mission Trip
This summer, we’re taking teenagers and their families on a mission trip!  Make sure your kid is registered before the deadline on Feb 27.  If you have any questions just email me back.



Day / Time Location Leader
Sundays 8:45AM Rooms 5 & 6, Church Scott Hoerner

What is the Church supposed to look like in today’s culture?  What role do students play in it, and how are we supposed to reflect what we say we believe?  If you have questions about what the church is or what it isn’t, join us over the next couple weeks as we study the book of 1 Timothy.



Day / Time Location Leader
Tuesdays 6:30PM – 8:30PM Lighthouse Christian Church Scott Hoerner


We may not like to admit it, but we all have questions and doubts about our faith. In this series, you’ll help teenagers see that our doubts and questions don’t have to destroy our faith, but refusing to talk about them might.  For the next four weeks, you’ll encourage teenagers to wrestle with their doubts by voicing their questions, understanding their perspective is limited, remembering how Jesus has transformed their lives, and considering why they followed Jesus in the first place.