Mexico Christian Children’s Home (MCCH) is known by the government as the most enduring and well managed children’s home in the state of Queretaro. For the past 45 years, MCCH has cared for some 150 homeless and abandoned boys in Mexico. Directors Doug and Monica Wright have developed a working ranch that provides both work experience for the boys and food for the table. Please pray for their spiritual and physical strength and for financial support to expand their work with children.  For more information, visit www.mcch.info.



Since 1985 the American Indian Christian Mission (AICM) in Show Low, Az. has provided a Christ-centered education for children from the Navajo and Apache nations. Students, 3rd through 8th grade, live at the mission during the school year.  The Lighthouse Christian Church (LCC) Youth Group has visited the reservations to present Christ through songs, Bible stories and crafts.  With over 70% unemployment among the Indian nations, AICM continues to reach out to the poverty stricken families by providing food, clothing and the love of Christ. Pray for Director Leslie Solliday and his wife, Angie.  To learn more, visit www.aicm.org.

Pray that the outreach efforts of AICM will make a real difference on the Reservations

Pray for more supporters to help cover the cost of the growing school and outreach efforts (for general income, Child Sponsors and for more people sending AICM Box Tops).


The mission of Asia Pacific International (API) is to plant churches and bless communities in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country.  Over 90 church planters are working in almost every province of the country.  Through API’s training institution (MTS) servant leaders are prepared to reach people of various cultural, social and religious backgrounds with the gospel of Christ.  API shares the Gospel through Smart Point community learning centers; Bible correspondence courses; medical clinics; and a prison ministry.  Gideon and Mei Tanbunaan are the directors of API. 

Pray for courage, wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading in reaching people in the largest Muslim nation in the world.

Pray for church planters, mission trainees, Smartpoint local tutors and for their training and good leadership.


Since its beginning in 1957, Cookson Hills Christian Ministries have provided Christ centered family-style living, Christian education and counseling for at-risk children ages 5-17.  Located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Oklahoma, Cookson Hills offers help, hope and healing to abused and abandoned children and teens.  Equestrian assisted learning and psychotherapy provide an atmosphere of trust for the children.  The caring staff, teachers and houseparents’ work together with the families by helping them to build a life-changing relationship with Christ.  To learn more, visit www.cooksonhills.org.

Pray for finances and godly staff to continue to develop a personalized Plan of Care for each child, which considers their physical, spiritual, educational, and emotional needs.

Pray for the families of the children that they will be guided to a life changing relationship with Christ.


The heart of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is to equip leaders to establish churches worldwide.  Instead of planting one church at a time, national leaders are trained to launch thousands of churches to reach the world for Christ.  Chris McKinney, who is an Elder at Lighthouse Christian Church (LCC), is the Asia and Pacific Coordinator with DCPI.  In 2015, Chris held training events in Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and the U.S.  It is estimated that worldwide leaders who were trained will plant approximately 29,765 new churches in the next 3-5 years.

LCC also partners with DCPI missionaries The Small Family.  Visit www.dcpi.org for more information.

Pray that the DCPI missionaries will be able to find partners around the world who have the vision for church planting.

Pray for full financial support for Chris McKinney.

Pray for protection for the Small family.


The Gideons International is an association of evangelical Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to distributing God’s Word around the world and reaching the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Gideons distribute Bibles and Testaments free of charge in hotels, hospitals, medical offices, schools and colleges as well as jails and prisons.  Locally, the Oceanside Camp of the Gideons International serves the north San Diego coastal communities of Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Cardiff.  To learn more, visit https://www2.gideons.org/.

PRAY for more funds to supply more scripture for the world.

Pray for new younger members.

Pray for open doors in currently closed Muslim countries and for the growing spiritual apathy in Western Europe and the USA.


Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association (HCMA) recruits, trains, certifies and encourages Christian Chaplains serving in healthcare facilities (both acute and long term care) and hospice programs worldwide.  For more info, visit http://www.hcmachaplains.org/.

Pray Chaplain Richard Phillips and Joe Woods will have effective Christian ministry while working within the multi-cultural and multi-religious environment in a public hospital. 

Pray for daily wisdom from the Lord to share Christ and the truth of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pray that we will share the Gospel wisely and effectively.

Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Pray for protection against disease and infection from patients.

Pray for protection and strength against spiritual warfare.



The Courtney Family

Chad Courtney is the U.S. Director for IBEROAMERICAN MINISTRIES.  He is responsible for the administrative and organizational needs of the many missionaries serving around the world.  He also mentors missionaries in church planting and leadership training and oversees workers in Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Middle East.

Pray for the spiritual and financial needs of Chad and Robin Courtney and their children Dwight, Annabelle and Owen.


International Disaster Emergency Services (I.D.E.S.) seeks to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ by partnering with Christian Churches and Church of Christ and their missionaries.  Their main projects focus on Disaster, Hunger, Medical Services, Evangelism, and Community Development.  In 2015, I.D.E.S. channeled approximately a million dollars for disaster aid and seven hundred thousand dollars for hunger relief.  To learn more, visit www.ides.org.

Pray for I.D.E.S. to continue to help across the U.S. and around the world.

Pray for:

  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Relief
  • Hunger Relief
  • Church and community Development
  • Evangelism


MK Bharti, director of the New Life Mission Church India, is a Lighthouse Christian Church (LCC) mission partner.  MK ministers to his own people in the Bihar region of India where the poorest of the poor live.

LCC missionary Chris McKinney, with Dynamic Church Planting International, has partnered with MK in training local house church planters who are working throughout northern India.  A typical house church consists of 12 to 24 believers who will be trained to plant new churches.

Pray for protection for the church planters who are ministering in very dangerous areas.

Pray for health and financial support for MK Bharti and his family.


The principle activity of Maven Ministries is training – their purpose is to prepare Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to know how to give a gracious defense for Christianity in the real world.  Maven Ministries offers seminars, workshops and curriculum that provide adults and students with an understanding of God’s truths and how to defend it.  Director Brett Kunkle equips youth leaders, teens and their parents to withstand the aggressive assault on their faith from the culture, public schools and liberal professors.  Students learn to defend their faith, discover why the truth really matters, and they also grow in knowledge and confidence of their Christian convictions.  To learn more, visit www.MavenTruth.com. 

Pray for Brett Kunkle, Director.

Pray for the funds and volunteers to help host 4-6 reTHINK Conferences around the country this year.

Pray for monthly financial support for Brett.

Pray for spiritual and emotional protection for Brett’s family.


For 45 years, the Mexico Christian Children’s Home (MCCH) has provided a loving Christian family for more than 145 orphaned children in Queretaro, Mexico.  Queretaro, with a population of 1 million people, is located 800 miles south of the border of Texas and 140 miles north of Mexico City.  Douglas Wright and his wife Monica, who have served for over 19 years, continue to answer God’s call to care for homeless and abandoned boys of Mexico.  For more information, visit www.mcch.info. 

Pray for spiritual and physical strength for the Wright family and for financial support to expand their work with children. 

Pray that more people will get involved through prayer and organizing mission teams to visit the Mexico Christian Children’s Home.


Niños de Baja is a Christian orphanage located in El Porvenir, Mexico.  Directors Hector and Alma Rosa Najera and the dedicated staff work together to share the love of Christ by serving children who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned.  Niños is now at full capacity with 41 children that includes a home for infants and young children, a home for boys 7-12 and a home for girls 7-12.  The children are frightened and withdrawn when they arrive, but quickly find the safety, healing, and love that they so desperately need. And best of all the children learn about God’s love for them. For more information, visit www.ninosdebaja.org.

Pray for the funds needed to maintain and expand the orphanage.  Niños has doubled in size over the past two years to meet the ever growing need of providing a loving Christian home for orphaned and neglected children.


Pathway to Health (Pregnancy Resource Center) is a medical clinic offering practical assistance and resources to young women and teens faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  Pathway to Health provides pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer counseling, maternity and baby supplies, and parenting and abortion recovery programs.  The best news is that staff and volunteers have the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with clients and many come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  To learn more, visit www.prcvista.com or call (760) 945-4673.

Pray for wisdom, health and safety for the volunteers and staff.

Pray that the clients who need Pathway to Health services will find us.

Pray for more funding.

Pray for Planned Parenthood (America’s #1 abortion provider) to shut their doors.

Pray for P/T Nurse Manager opening to be filled.  Email resume to operations@prcvista.com if interested.


Polish Christian Ministries (PCM) has slowly emerged from the devastation and suppression of war and communism which left the people impoverished both financially and spiritually.  Since 1954, the Polish Christian Ministries has worked to spread the gospel and establish churches.  The goal today of PCM is to assist churches in becoming healthy, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations.  For more information, visit www.pcmusa.org.

Pray for the Polish Churches as they provide leadership training.

Pray for the pastors that Lighthouse Christian Church partners with: 

Pastor Titus Pikalski in Siedlce to be used to share the Gospel and stay strong in the Lord because daily there is a great battle. 

Pastor Daniel Masarczyk in Sosnowiec, Poland – Daniel’s church sent a family to a missionary school in Odessa, Ukraine.  Now they have a ministry in the Church of Christ in RADOM and work with homeless people.  Pray for funds to continue to send young men to the missionary school.


After spending nearly 4 years as missionaries in Colombia South America and Mexico, the Roddy Family returned to Oceanside and established Seekers International Foundation, a 501(c)3 ministry.  Their vision is redeemed, equipped and prepared young people aligned to transform families and communities worldwide for Christ.  Their mission is to bring the hope of Christ, life skills training and community service opportunities to all young people locally and around the world through partnerships with individuals, parents, churches, as well as public and private entities.  The wide range of life skills training workshops they develop will be provided from a decidedly biblical worldview and are short term, high energy and high impact.

In response to the growing problem of suicide in the U.S. and abroad, Seekers has developed a flagship program called Seekers Suicide Intervention Corps (SSIC) where they are raising up an army of young people and parents who are prepared and equipped to combat suicide and administer suicide first aid.  They are well on their way to becoming a leading provider of suicide intervention training through a workshop designed specifically for young people.  As a result, they help transition people from being either unprepared or unskilled at suicide first-aid to being completely prepared and completely equipped to engage people who are in distress. It is through this venue that they are able to share not only the love of Christ, but also the hope of Christ.

Another Seekers flagship program called Seekers Global Project, where young people from around the world consistently write articles and produce videos about how God is working in their lives through their passions.  Their website (due to be released in 2018) is designed to function much like a news website where people worldwide will have the ability to read and watch these young author’s stories in English and in the author’s native language.  It is probably one of their most ambitious programs yet and is certain to be an encouragement to young and old alike.  This program is expected to act as a catalyst in helping people to become more sensitive to and aware of how God is working in their own lives for His glory.

For more information, visit www.iseekers.org.

Pray for financial funding to allow Seekers International Foundation to continue to serve God by serving young people around the world.

Pray for health and financial support for the Roddy Family.