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What impact has Lighthouse Christian Church had on your life, your ministry, our community, and the world?  That is the question we have asked and seek to answer at our 60th Anniversary Homecoming Services on Sunday, Nov. 14, at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.

A lot has happened in 60 years!
Changed Lives: Many first came to Christ and were baptized here, many lives have been restored, many people’s faith has been strengthened, and many marriages have started here or been helped here; many children have been born here, dedicated here, taught here, and matured into adults here; many adults have been helped to overcome addictions, or to recover from loneliness, depression, even suicide; many have been counseled here by our pastors or Christian counselors or helped through our GriefShare ministry; many have been prayed for and experienced the power of God in their life; many have received compassion and support here when their loved one passed away and then we celebrated their life here. Many have been welcomed to church here for the first time or for the first time in a long time. Countless have been blessed by coming to worship God here, to be strengthened by the Word of God that is preached and taught here, to enjoy the fellowship and friendships they have made here, and to serve God here, in the community, or on the mission field. We celebrate God’s work in the lives that have been impacted here, and we’ll be sharing some of their stories at Homecoming!

✓ Outreach:  Lighthouse has also impacted many other lives through our various missions, local and abroad. Most of these people we will never meet or know, but their stories are significant also. Several guest speakers will share on Homecoming how Lighthouse has impacted lives through their ministry. We celebrate these, as well!

✓ Refreshed Church:  If you haven’t been here lately, you are in for a joyous surprise – we have refreshed many areas in our church in the last couple of months. Everything interior has been repainted and re-carpeted, including our sanctuary, stage, and offices – what a difference it makes! The red curbs on our fire lanes have been repainted, as have the light posts by our front steps (not red!). Yet to complete: the remaining classrooms will receive new vinyl tile (held up by international shipping but coming soon). Later we will be getting a new baptistry installed (the old one is worn and leaky after over 1100 baptisms); we are also getting quotes on new lighting, projection, and cameras; new roofing (it leaks); new playground equipment for the children (worn); and other improvements once our property sale closes (expected this month). Thanks for your continued donations to our Renew the Church fund (currently at $131,168 toward our $200,000 goal). It’s making an impact!

✓ Buy A Chair:  Our sanctuary chairs have lasted over 18 years, but are showing their age, with stains, fabric splitting, and wood showing through. So we have come up with new chairs from the same maker (Bertolini) but a new style to go with our refreshed sanctuary. We have ordered a sample chair that should be here by Homecoming Sunday. We are inviting everyone who can to buy a chair by contributing toward the $100 cost for each chair (includes tax & shipping). You can contribute any amount by cash or check made out to “Lighthouse Christian Church” (LCC) for “Chairs” on the memo line (and envelope, if you use one). Thanks for helping us complete our sanctuary refresh.

60 years is a big milestone for our church!  Please make every effort to join us – we’ve got great services and a meal planned, we’re working on a tent for shade, and other surprises!  Come and help us continue to make an impact on lives for God!

Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister