< < < A BRIEF LOOK BACK < < <

Happy New Year!  Psalm 77:11 says:  “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”  While we all look forward to a new year, here are some blessings worth remembering:

✓ Our vision for 2021 was Renew, Rebuild, Reach Out: Our Ministries, Our Facilities, Ourselves, and that was fulfilled in many ways.  We focused on renewing ourselves through sermons and lessons grounded in Scripture and focused on faith and hope.  In May we began renewing our ministries indoors after meeting outdoors for nearly a year; and by September most Bible classes, Growth Groups, and ministries started back in full swing.

✓ We renewed our facilities inside and out, including repainting our sanctuary, classrooms, offices, restrooms, hallways, outside railings & ramps, the red curbs on our fire lanes, and the church sign.  The sanctuary got new laminate on the front and back walls, and our front desk and inside sanctuary corners have new laminate and stone counter-tops.  We put new carpet planks in our sanctuary, offices, and baptistry changing rooms, and new vinyl plank flooring in our remaining classrooms (4-7 & 11).  Our facilities were re-dedicated at our 60th Anniversary on Nov. 14.  A new baptistry has been ordered and the Buy-a-Chair Fund has raised $29,668 so far (70%) toward our $42,000 goal of replacing all our sanctuary chairs. In addition, people have given $138,317 so far (69%) toward our $200,000 goal to fund our current and future Renew projects; and we ended the year ahead of budget in tithes & offerings – truly remarkable and worthy of praise to God!

✓ We reached out all year, with special outreaches at Easter, our fall Kickoff with Roddy Chong, our 60th Anniversary Homecoming in November, and our Christmas services, with 495 on Christmas Eve.  The Lord added 58 new members during a pandemic year, including 39 baptized into Christ! Plus 9 Re-commitments to Christ, and 23 children dedicated to the Lord.

> > > A BRIEF LOOK AHEAD > > >

➢ Our vision for 2022 is To Be Faithful – faithful followers of Jesus, faithful friends, faithful in our marriages, faithful in giving, in serving, and in other aspects of life.  The Bible is filled with examples – from Old Testament prophets, to New Testament disciples, to Jesus Himself – of how God did not call us to be successful, but to be faithful.  We will pursue this in Growth Groups and sermons, including our new sermon series: Focus on Jesus, going through the Gospel of John.  We call on all our people to join us in John, in Jesus, & in being faithful!

➢ I have received written notice that our property sale is set to close by or before the end of this month.  That will provide funding to pay down our mortgage, replenish our reserves, and complete more renewal projects, including replacing our children’s playground equipment, patio improvements, and paving our gravel back road and upper parking area (the latter at Sunrise’s expense).

➢ Our search for a new Youth & Young Adults Pastor has made recent progress!  Christian & Hannah Clark have interviewed with me and the elders, visited last Sunday, and will be here this Sunday to be introduced in both services, teach the Middle & High School class at 9:00 a.m., and lead the Middle & High School group Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m.  We invite you to meet them and to be praying for God’s will in this process.

Come join us for an exciting new year,
Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister