An Open Letter to Lighthouse

We are concerned for our church and her people.  Due to the Coronavirus quarantine, many of our people are unemployed or have had their hours and income reduced.  Some of our people are in the hospital or nursing homes and are unable to be visited by their own spouse and family.  Many need prayer.

We have had to close our church facilities for now, and are unable to meet together in person, so we are producing sermons and music each week and making it available through many formats (see Pastor Mike’s column).  Some of our teachers are doing virtual meetings with their groups.  Our staff have been calling all our shut-ins and those in the hospital or care facilities to see how they’re doing and to pray with them. We will continue to explore ways to stay connected through this time, and encourage you to utilize these resources.

Unfortunately, our offerings have plummeted since we have been unable to meet.  Many are still sending in their tithes & offerings online or by mail or dropping them off, but we are significantly falling short.  The last 3 weeks our offerings have averaged only $16,493/week, about $6,400/week short of our budgeted needs.  There will be reductions in our expenses, like lower utilities, canceled programs (no Easter mailing, no community Easter Egg Hunt, VBS postponed for now); but we still have a big mortgage to pay each month, our staff to support who are keeping things going right now, and our missions who depend on us, among other expenses.  We are applying for help under the new federal CARES act but this will take time, if approved.

So without intending any undue pressure on those who are struggling, we wanted to make you aware of the situation and ask you to pray for our church and to give as you are able.  We encourage everyone who can to give online, which you can set up at  This is quicker and safer for everyone involved, and you can set up any amount and frequency and give automatically.

Thank you for your prayers & support.  Let’s get through this together in Christ, putting our faith & trust in Him.