“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”  Matthew 5:6

This brief verse is filled to the brim with encouragement, and I hope to unpack that briefly in this article.  So many times in our lives we have felt the bite of pain that comes from hunger, and the single focused determination for a drink of water when we thirst.  This common experience, that we have all at one time experienced, calls into focus the gravity of this verse.  The most obvious question arises plainly to us then, “do we hunger and thirst for righteousness?”

As we have been walking through the Beatitudes, we see a consistent theme: a fully dependent life in Christ.  When we come to this verse, the theme continues.  Is there a daily, ever present drive in my life to hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Righteousness in context does not simply mean a justification, or right standing before God, but a holiness and desire to live a life that looks like Christ’s.  Does this desire to see and look like Christ permeate throughout my actions and conversations?

We must be honest that we do not always hunger or thirst for righteousness like we ought.  Sometimes we hunger and thirst for worldly status or material possessions.  Other times it may be comfort, but there is by the grace of God a calling back to and a hungering and thirsting for Christ alone.  We realize we can never meet this moral standard of holiness, but when we chase after it and seek it wholeheartily God promises us that we will be satisfied.  He promises that it will not disappoint us, and that it is worth the pursuit.    To seek Him every day and to seek to live and reflect Him in all we say and do will bring joy, happiness, and contentment no matter the circumstances.

So, the challenge comes to us as a grace.  Christ beckons us to hunger and thirst, to strive and with single-minded determination to live with and in Him.   He invites you and I to give up chasing useless and temporal solutions to drink from an eternal well.  He invites you to be completely satisfied in Him.  Like a person withered and crippled by starvation and dehydration, Christ steps in and brings life where certain death was at hand.  Do we truly recognize just how close to starvation and dehydration we are?  Would we strive after Him, to live as He calls us, holy lives set apart for His glory, and trust Him when He tells us we will be satisfied?

Scott Hoerner, Assoc. Min. of Youth & Young Adults