Even Jesus Needed a Growth Group 

The Bible says it’s not good to be alone.  However, many have been taught (or model for us) that if we’re really mature, we don’t need any friends.  Only the weak need somebody.  That’s not true.  Jesus had Twelve (well, eleven anyway) – and three of these were intimate friends.  Jesus visited His friends, Mary, Martha & Lazarus, before He went to Jerusalem to be crucified.  He shared one of His greatest moments of His life with Peter, James & John on the Mount of Transfiguration.  He asked His friends, the disciples, to pray for Him the night He was betrayed.

Jesus could have chosen any number of methods for His ministry.  But the fact is that Jesus chose the long-term, closed, small group as His primary strategy for personal community and ministry.  He placed highest priority on His small group.  Jesus, who had the whole world to save, made the Twelve His priority.  He died for all, but He lived for a few!

At Lighthouse, we are committed to offering Bible-based and life-changing growth groups on Sunday mornings and during the week.  Take advantage of our selection of wonderful growth groups for this fall.  Check out www.lightcc.org – GET CONNECTED, Adult Ministry and Growth Groups, for information on each group.  Sign-up for a Growth Group on Sundays on the church patio or contact me at 760-583-8917.

Article adapted from Crosswalk.com, “8 Reasons Small Groups are so Important to Jesus”, Dr. Roger Barrier, website article.

Andrea Openshaw, Director of Discipleship