Facebook Live: Thursdays at 4pm!

“To all who are loved by God and called to be his holy people: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Romans 1:7 (NIV)

    I have had the amazing opportunity to do Facebook Live sessions via our church’s Facebook page (facebook.com/lccoo/live), now on Thursdays at 4pm, for the last four months.  Our intention is three-fold: 1) Pursue God in Worship, 2) Build Community, and 3) Unleash Compassion.  During the live sessions we are able to worship God through songs and by studying His word.  I am currently teaching through Romans, also known as the “Christian Manifesto”.  We are building community by staying connected online and interacting with each other during the week.  I am able to show viewers comments on the screen in real time, answer their questions, pray for their needs, and celebrate the great things going on in their lives.  And finally, we try to unleash and share what God is doing for us with others by promoting the compassion efforts our church supports.

Check out my interviews with Gil Maza, who leads Operation Hope with his wife Diana, Jeff Roddy, who leads Seekers International Foundation with his wife Sylvia, or find out more about Kelly Brown and the Gideons International, or Jackie Diaz and LCC Women’s Ministry.

Would you be open to partnering with me in 2020?  How about reaching 1% of the population of Oceanside (1780 of 178,000) together?  I would enjoy talking with you more about how together we can transform our city by spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

Basilio Ramirez, Worship Pastor