How your family can THRIVE in Quarantine

True Harvest Requires Intentional Vision Engagement

TRUE – Be truthful.  Facts – schools are closed and people are getting sick.  Truth – God is always in control and will lead us through every situation.

HARVEST – Our long-term goal as parents is to raise faith filled believers who love God.  Pray out loud together, read Scripture together, provide faith filled videos and lessons. (RightNow Media is a great resource.  Contact me if you would like to sign up for this free resource.)

REQUIRES – Parenting is a full contact sport.  Your participation is not optional.  Your presence, your coaching and your prayers are required.  Pay more attention to your kids than your phone.

INTENTIONAL – Ask God to guide you intentionally as you invest time into your kids.  No one thrives by accident.  What family goals can you make to thrive during this time?

VISION – Strong disciples come through vision.  Vision includes the “WHY” in relevant ways.  We can prepare our family for the future during this time.  Make sure your WHY is from your kid’s perspective (ex. “Mommy and daddy need your help) and not from your perspective.

ENGAGEMENT – Not only should we be creating a safe place during this time, but we should be creating an engaging place.  Take kids from spectators to engaging them in this faith filled journey that we are experiencing in quarantine.  Let them help plan and lead meaningful activities.

(Adapted from The Quarantined Family Live Stream Event on Facebook, article by Jonathan Banks.)

I’m praying for you and your family during this time.

Andrea Openshaw, Director of Discipleship