Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas!  Some of my earliest memories are of celebrating Christmas in Georgia with my family – of magical lights, of occasional snow on the ground, of a new bicycle downstairs as a surprise. What are some of your favorite memories?

We’re going to make some wonderful memories at Lighthouse this Christmas!  Last year we were still outdoors due to the pandemic, so it’s a blessing to be able to celebrate indoors this year.  Here are some of our plans:

✧        Christmas Decorations: Our Christmas lights are up on our building and our volunteers have begun decorating the church inside and out.  Christmas poinsettias arrive next week to beautify our sanctuary, thanks to those donating them in honor or memory of loved ones.  How are your decorations coming at home?  Whether simple or involved, decorating is just one way we show that this season is special, because the One that we celebrate is special – the Light of the World.  So let’s celebrate!

✧        Christmas Worship: Each Sunday during December we have Christmas-themed services including the singing of Christmas carols – not secular ones about Santa and snowmen, but the kind that celebrate our Savior!  The Bible calls us repeatedly to come and sing unto the Lord – and what better time than Christmas?  Music is balm to the soul, so even if you’ve got the blues or the blahs, come and join us in singing carols to our Lord!

✧        Christmas Messages: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  So begins the incredible story of Jesus by the person who probably knew Jesus the best, the Apostle John.  It’s an intriguing story, and one we will explore in detail throughout the month of December all the way through Easter.  Our theme for Christmas is “Who’s that Babe in the Manger – and What does it Mean for Your Life?” with weekly messages from the 1st chapter of the Gospel of John.  Come explore the identity of that baby each week, and invite someone to join you.  This is one of our best outreach opportunities of the year, so we are inviting 21,130 homes – all within 2 miles of our church.  Please pray for God to bless our outreach with receptive hearts in need of Christ or a church home, and we’ll provide invitations each week that you can use to invite others.

✧        Happy Birthday Jesus Party: Calling all children 3 years old – 5th grade to our annual children’s party celebrating Jesus’s birthday!  There will be a Christmas story, games, a craft, and of course, cake!  All children are welcome to come and celebrate on Sunday, Dec. 19, at 9:00 or 10:30 in their children’s rooms.

✧        Christmas Eve Candlelight Services: On Friday, Dec. 24th will be one of the most beautiful services of the year, with Christmas carols, special music, my message from John, and candlelighting.  Be sure to join us with your family & friends if you are in town for this special service.

Thank you to all who have given toward special funds this fall: $135,972 has been given toward our $200,000 Renew the Church Fund. $6,820 has been given to our Chair fund for new chairs for the sanctuary; that’s enough for 68.2 chairs toward our 420 chairs needed.  And $2,164 was given to our Thanksgiving Offering for our Christmas Outreach.  Please don’t forget your regular tithes & offerings, as they have been way down the last 2 Sundays.  And if you’d like to give anything extra before the end of the year, our office will be open through Dec. 31.

We have much to celebrate!  We invite you to join us in celebrating the Christ of Christmas this season!

Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister