Hey Everyone,

While things around us continue to change and remain uncertain, we know the one who is unchangeable.  We know that the LORD we worship is the same LORD who was with Daniel in the lion’s den.  The same LORD who was with David when he stood up to Goliath.  The same LORD who was with Paul.  The same LORD who stirred the heart of Ruth to trust in Him.

Let that sink in.  Let the wonder, and consistency of our God wash over your heart.  He is in complete control.   Often when we hear those stories we forget the difficulty, uncertainty, pain and suffering associated with them.  Daniel was persecuted by men seeking to kill him, and he was thrown into a pit of lions.  David was chased and hunted by King Saul for years.  Paul was stoned, shipwrecked, thrown in prison and eventually crucified upside down.  Ruth lost her husband, left her homeland, and followed a bitter mother-in-law, because she saw that the LORD was better despite all those things.

Don’t be discouraged by that which you don’t understand, or the circumstances that may be overwhelming you right now.  We can’t see the full picture, like those mentioned above couldn’t, but we do know the LORD.  He is faithful to Himself and in the end we know that regardless of what happens our God will have the victory.  We know that to those who trust in Jesus as Savior will be victorious with Him.  Be encouraged, and remember that our LORD still, as always has things under control.

In His Grip,

Scott Hoerner