Hey Everyone,

I pray you are doing well and that the Lord Jesus Christ is drawing you into a deeper and more consistent relationship with Him.  Let’s take a moment and evaluate.  It’s been 31 days since we have met together as a church, 26 days since we were put in self quarantine.  Is your relationship with Christ growing in intimacy, depth, and wonder, or growing stale, apathetic, and nonexistent?

The American church has a tendency to boil down faith to church attendance.  From that mindset comes the drive for programs or events which people enjoy attending.  It seems like the global church is being purified in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic.  The fat or excess of these events proves futile at a time like this and we have to ask ourselves if Jesus really is enough for each one of us personally.  Is He what stirs my heart or was it the sweet environment?  Could it have been that cute guy or girl?  Maybe it was the free childcare?  Perhaps it was the therapeutic expression of singing in a large crowd?

There is something to be said about those things, and they can help, but are they real, are they essential, and are they necessary?  There have been some incredible stories that have come out of this situation through the body of Christ here at Lighthouse.  Stories of faith, selflessness, care, empathy, and courage.  Stories of families, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, encouraging and pointing their families, friends and neighbors to the one who is real, is essential and is necessary, Jesus Christ.

That only happens as we grow and mature in Christ.  As our hearts are stirred for Him and as they draw close to Him.  We begin to see our faith not as a Sunday morning obligation, but woven into the very fabric of who we are.  We have an opportunity to repent from the Sunday morning only faith where we sprinkle in and just add Jesus to our lives, and turn to the NEW LIFE Jesus bought for us.  The life where He lives in us and through us for His glory, everyday.

I am praying for you.  Praying that you would find that in the middle of this pandemic your heart is being stirred for Jesus like it never has before.  If that’s not happening, then I would encourage you to evaluate your faith.  To ponder who Jesus really is, and where your heart is at with surrendering to Him as Lord.

Please let me know if I can pray for you in any area of your life.  I truly care about you and want to be there for you.  Email me at

In His Grip,

Scott Hoerner