Open For Business!

We’re back, and open for business!  And what is that business?  The Lord’s business – to worship & glorify God, to make disciples, to serve Him by serving others, to know Christ and make Him known.  After 12 weeks, it was so good to worship together again last Sunday!  To see our brothers and sisters in person again… to sing songs of praise together… to hear a word from God in person… to take communion together again… all with beautiful weather and that beautiful backdrop of God’s creation… and with decisions at each service… it really was special!  One woman was baptized after the 8:45 service, a boy was baptized after the 10:30 service, and a woman placed membership.  What a wonderful ending to a great celebration service!  Thank you to all who attended, to all who participated, and to all who helped in any way, including all the staff & volunteers who labored throughout last week to get everything ready.  God really blessed us!

Now what?  If you are able to attend (not sick, not high risk), we invite you to join us for outdoor worship on Sundays on our patio and lawn.  You can bring your own chair and umbrella or pop-up for shade, or use our plastic chairs on the patio, most with shade overhead (we had shade material strung over much of the patio).

If you cannot attend in person, we are still filming the services and should have them up on our website or YouTube by or before the following Sunday.  The same goes for the audio.  (Previously we filmed on Thursdays to give the editor time to get the service ready by Sunday, and in a controlled environment indoors with our regular equipment.  Now we are outside on Sundays, it takes a few days to get that ready, and we don’t have great audio to include the worship).  Thanks for understanding.  You can also catch our message on KOCT TV Saturdays from noon – 1:00 p.m. if you live in Oceanside, on a 3-week delay.

So join us in person, if you can, for the best experience.  We sanitize all seats & restrooms before each service, seating is 6 feet or more apart, all volunteers are required to wear a mask and gloves, and everyone who attends is encouraged to wear a mask from their car to their seat (and can then remove it, if desired).  We have songsheets and offering envelopes and communion that you pick up when you arrive, and offering buckets available when you leave (no passing of trays).  Online giving through our website or by text is still encouraged, as that is safer and more convenient for everyone, but give as you are able.  We did not make budget last month, so we ask for your support, and pray for your finances, too.  Please see other details about what to expect on our website at

When will we return to how it used to be, indoors?  No one really knows, but in the meantime, we are thankful for what we have – a safe place to worship outdoors in a region and time of year with great weather.  I hope you can join us in person soon.  Thank you for your prayers and your patience and your support!

A word about the unrest around us: First, the death of George Floyd was cruel, without excuse, and to be condemned.  Second, people have a right to protest, to be outraged, and to call for justice.  Third, there is no excuse for the violence and destruction wrought by anarchists and opportunists; they are selfishly hijacking the situation and dividing the nation.  After all our nation has been through from the pandemic, that last thing we need to do is to hate and distrust each other.  Let’s be Christ-like in our thinking, in our words, and in our actions.  Let’s be praying for peace and for better days ahead.  Let’s be about the Lord’s business!

Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister