Growth Groups

Growth groups a great way to connect and fellowship with other Christians, grow in God’s Word and in your relationship with Christ, and be encouraged and supported through prayer.  Check out what’s available and plug in!  Contact the church office for more information.  760-726-0590

Most growth groups meet weekly September through May and with holiday and summer breaks.



GriefShare Support Group

Day / Time Location Leader
Monday, 6:30PM Church, Room 11 Allie Brooks, Brenda McGill & Mark Cassidy

It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now.  If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.

This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before.

GriefShare support groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.  Each GriefShare session has three distinct elements:

Video seminar with experts

Each week your GriefShare group will watch a video seminar featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects.  These videos are produced in an interesting television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies, dramatic reenactments, and on-location video.

Support group discussion with focus

After viewing the video, you and the other group members will spend time as a support group, discussing what was presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in your lives.

Personal study and reflection

During the week you will have the opportunity to use your workbook for further personal study of the grieving process and to help sort out your emotions through journaling.  Your group will spend time discussing questions and comments from the workbook study.

GriefShare support group meets weekly on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.  The next session begins Monday, January 10, 2022.   REGISTER HERE.



Day / Time Location Leader
Tuesday, 7:30AM IHOP Restaurant, 4253 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, CA Lee Gillogly

All men are invited for fellowship, food, prayer and Bible study in the book of Colossians.  The Letter to the Colossians addresses several heresies being presented to the church at Colossae.  At the core of these false teachings was a misunderstanding of the nature of Jesus Christ and His work.  Paul points to both the deity and humanity of Christ and how the realities of Christ’s identity should impact how people live in practical ways.  Come join us!  What a great way to begin your day.  For more information, contact Lee Gillogly 760-631-1831.


Day / Time Location Leader
Tuesday, 10:00AM Church, Room 5 Jerry Carey

In the name of the Father, the Son, and… the Holy Spirit.  We pray in the name of all three, but how often do we live with an awareness of only the first two?  As Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit–the Helper–so that we could be true and living witnesses for Christ.  Unfortunately, today’s church has admired the gift but neglected to open it.  Breakthrough author Francis Chan rips away paper and bows to get at the true source of the church’s power–the Holy Spirit.  Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and we are reaping the disastrous results.  Thorough scriptural support and compelling narrative form Chan’s invitation to stop and remember the One we’ve forgotten, the Spirit of the living God. 


Day / Time Location Leader
Tuesday, 6:00PM Church, Rooms 5 & 6 Gil Maza

Confused by the endless speculation about the End Times?  Frustrated at how often predictions about the rapture, the antichrist, and the mark of the Beast have failed decade after decade, even by some of the most popular Bible teachers?  Is it even possible to actually understand the Words of Jesus as revealed to the Apostle John?  The answer is YES.  Join us as we legitimately “decode” Revelation once and for all.

WEDNESDAYS (Childcare provided for infants thru grade 5)


Day / Time Location Leader
Wednesday, 6:00PM Rooms 5 & 6 Mike Openshaw

“Real Men” is a field-tested resource for challenging and equipping men to become the people God created them to be.  Real Men empowers men to learn from the examples, both good and bad, of the real men of the Bible.  This fall we will look at the lives of heros of the faith – Abraham and Joseph.  Experience an interactive, in-depth time of small group Bible study examining the lives of real men of the Bible.


Day / Time Location Leader
Wednesday, 6:00PM Church Sanctuary Andrea Openshaw & Georgia Allen

Weary travelers.  You’ve seen them – everything they own crammed into their luggage.  Staggering through terminals and hotel lobbies with overstuffed suitcases, trunks, duffels, and backpacks.  Backs ache.  Fee burn.  Eyelids droop.  We’ve all seen people like that.  At times, we are people like that – if not with our physical luggage, then at least with our spiritual load.  We all lug loads we were never intended to carry.  Fear.  Worry.  Discontent.  No wonder we get so weary.  We’re worn out from carrying that excess baggage.  Wouldn’t it be nice to lose some of those bags?  That’s the invitation of Max Lucado.  With the Twenty-third Psalm as our guide, let’s release some of the burdens we were never intended to bear.  Using these verse as a guide, Max Lucado walks us through a helpful inventory of our burdens.  May God use this Psalm to remind you to release the burdens you were never meant to bear.


Day / Time Location Leader
Wednesday, 6:00PM Church, Sanctuary Evangelina Cates

Every woman needs a little jump start in life.  Donna Partow knows how to make it happen.  In Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be, author Donna Partow shows women how to reenergize their lives in 90 days.  She covers everything from faith and family to fitness and fashion (with lots more) in this comprehensive plan for greater vitality in life and intimacy with God.  This in-depth study of Proverbs 31:10-31 will make women feel in control and on top of things as they study and even memorize that famous passage about the ideal woman of God.



Day / Time Location Leader
Thursday, 6:30PM Bruce Home (odd months) / Marcon Home (even months) Chris McKinney

A sermon-based study to help people better understand and act on Sunday messages while building relationships through Bible study and fellowship.  Enjoy awesome camaraderie in a home setting as the group talks through how the Sunday sermon applies to your every day life.