Fire is a tool utilized only by human beings.  Since the beginning of time, humans have congregated around its warmth for light, protection and company.  Every other creature on the planet fears fire, but we’ve been given the unique ability to harness it, to use its power to improve our lives.  Not only that, but poets and artists have used fire to describe the God-given spark that wakes us up in the morning and fuels our purpose and passion.  Whatever the context, fire is not to be ignored.

“Never let the fire go out…When you hope, be joyful.  When you suffer, be patient.  When you pray, be faithful.  Share with God’s people who are in need.  Welcome others into your homes.”  Romans 12:11-13

This year when our homes feel cold, we’ll light a fire.  When a friend has lost her spark, we’ll fan her flame.  When the world seems dark, we will be an ember of hope.

Register here for MOPS Spring 2019 session!  Moms of children ages birth through kindergarten are invited to come with their preschoolers for these special mornings. MOPS is a program where moms participate in a group experience through a local church. The mentors of the group are experienced moms and everyone works together to help make better moms. Children participate in the MOPS KIDS program while moms enjoy breakfast, friendship, a speaker and something creative. MOPS Spring 2019 meeting schedule is: Wednesdays’ January 16 & 30, February 13 & 27, March 13, April 3 and May 8 & 22.  MOPS registration fee is $50.  We look forward to seeing you and your preschoolers!