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Mike Openshaw

Mike grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where he developed a love for outdoor sports (fishing, hunting, hiking, rafting, skiing).  He graduated from Lincoln Christian College (Lincoln, IL) with an A.B. in Christian Ministry (1980) and majored in Theology & Philosophy at Lincoln Christian Seminary (1980-82).  He has served pastorates for 40 years […]

Scott Hoerner

Scott graduated from Biola University  (La Mirada, CA) with an B.A. in Intercultural Studies and two minors in Christian Ministries and Biblical Studies (2012).  He went on to work as a Wilderness Counselor in North Carolina, where he spent time living in the woods and ministering to at-risk boys.  From there he began working as […]

Basilio Ramirez

What do you do? I oversee our worship and creative arts ministry, which helps provide rich times of worship with God, and helps develop the unique creative gifts and skills of our worship community. Why do you do it? I love seeing people passionately pursue God using their unique gifts and skills in worshipful and […]

Andrea Openshaw

Born in Indiana, Andrea grew up in a pastor’s home spending her 1st – 4th grade years in Southern California.  She never dreamed she would return and spend most of her life serving God in this part of the country.  As a college graduate of Lincoln Christian College with a degree in Christian Ministries, she has a passion […]