At the beginning of this year we set our vision for 2021 as…

Renew, Rebuild, Reach Out – Our Ministries, Our Facilities, Ourselves

We looked to God for direction and provision as we were coming out of a year-long pandemic, knowing that we would need to spend some time in renewing and rebuilding ourselves and all our ministries that had been shut down.  We’re still recovering, but things are moving forward.

Renew + Rebuild

For 7 weeks we heard stories of renewal and rebuilding from the Bible.  There were personal stories of renewal about fallen and broken men and heartbroken women, and stories of renewal of ourselves, a nation and the whole human race.

Renew the Church

A recent message on Renewing God’s House spawned a Renew the Church Fund, to which we can now contribute love offerings to help fund a number of needed church upkeep projects like repainting and reflooring our sanctuary, classrooms, offices, baptistery repair, roof repair, painting our front curbs and railings and metal on our building, and repairing or replacing our church sign and our children’s playground equipment.  If you would like to contribute over and above your regular tithes (which we still need) to this fund for these improvement projects, you can put “Renew the Church” on your giving envelope or check memo line.  We don’t have to wait on the sale of our property to begin renewing our aging facilities – we can start now with contributions to begin needed upkeep to provide the best facilities we can for the Lord’s use.  Repainting some of the sanctuary walls is scheduled to begin later this month, with new wall trim and flooring soon to follow.  It’s going to be exciting to see the progress as funds allow!  Thank you for any donations you can contribute to improve our facilities.

Reach Out

As exciting as is renewing ourselves and refreshing our facilities, a key part of our mission this year is Reaching Out – touching the lives of others for Christ – which is really exciting!  This can take many forms, from sharing our faith, to inviting people to worship, to helping a neighbor or a friend, to serving those in need.  We are exploring examples from the Bible on Sunday mornings, including the messages Paul Alexander and Pastor Basilio just shared, and I look forward to sharing from God’s Word with you this Sunday and in the weeks to come – so that we can sharpen our focus on outreach right up to our Fall Kickoff on Sept. 12.

Fall Kickoff News: Roddy Chong Returns!

We are excited to announce that professional violinist Roddy Chong will return on Sunday, Sept. 12, for our Fall Kickoff.  Roddy was here early last year, and really blew us away with his amazing musical gifts.  If you missed him, you are in for a treat!  This would be a great opportunity to reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors to invite them to a one of a kind opportunity to hear a world class violinist, with a personal testimony of his faith in Christ.

In all these things my prayer is that God would open our hearts to reach out to others, and that many lives will be positively impacted for Christ through us – even some who will accept Christ as their Savior & Lord!  This is part of our mission: To Know Christ and Make Him Known; and our vision for 2021: to Renew, Rebuild, and Reach Out.  Let’s be praying and looking for ways to reach out!

Mike Openshaw, Senior Minister