“Stay Connected” To Lighthouse

A ministry of encouragement

Praise God that we are able to experience amazing outdoor worship services this summer, but we realize there are many who of you who aren’t able to attend because of several reasons including the continued quarantine due to COVID-19. This month a “Stay Connected” Coordinator will be contacting many of you reading this newsletter article.  The purpose is to keep our Lighthouse members and regular attenders connected and encouraged through a phone call offering a short phone visit, sharing of a Scripture verse, and a prayer for you.  If you would rather not be a part of the “Stay Connected” ministry, just let the person who calls you know that you’d like to pass on this.  Otherwise we hope you are truly blessed by this ministry of encouragement.  If you would like a phone call and don’t receive one, you may contact me and I’ll connect you with a coordinator.  760-726-0590 ext. 14.

Andrea Openshaw, Director of Discipleship