“Stay Connected”
To Lighthouse

Even though we are experiencing great attendance in our outdoor worship services, we realize there are many of you who aren’t able to attend now nor will be able to attend in the near future. In the coming weeks, your name will be assigned to a “Stay Connected” Coordinator whose role is to contact you once a month via phone call.  The purpose is to keep our Lighthouse members connected during this continued quarantine due t the Corona Virus.

If you would rather not be a part of the “Stay Connected” ministry, just let the person who calls you know that you’d like to pass on this.

If you feel like you are already connected through regular worship and don’t need a call, we could use you as a “Stay Connected” Coordinator.  Your responsibilities are simple: place a phone call once a month, share a suggested Scripture and offer a prayer.

Please contact me via email (andrea@lightcc.org) OR phone (760-583-8917), if you are interested in becoming a “Stay Connected” Coordinator.  Let’s ALL stay connected since we’re ALL in this together!

Andrea Openshaw, Director of Discipleship