Summer is Ending

AXIOS has been split into three different teams (yellow, orange, purple).  As our Summer Games come to a close soon, I think it would be a lot of fun if you guys partnered with me and picked a random team, or the color you like the most, to “root” for.  Then, tell me and the students what team you are “rooting” for.  It could be fun to have some healthy competition.   Follow our Instagram to stay up to date @Axios_lighthouse and don’t be afraid to comment or direct message for more information.  Young Adults (LYA) has been meeting weekly every Sunday night from 6-8pm at the harbor beach by the volleyball nets near Lifeguard Tower 16.  If you need a ride, we meet at the church at 5:30 and leave at 5:45 for a carpool.  We just finished the book of James and we are about to jump into an apologetics series.  If you are 18-25, come join us for some fellowship and Bible study.  LYA is looking to go on a fall retreat.  If interested, contact me for more information.  To stay up to date follow our Instagram @Lighthouse_YoungAdults.

Christian Clark, Youth & Young Adults Pastor