Thank you, Grandma!

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.”   1 Corinthians 15:22 (NIV)

On Thursday, September 3, 2020, my grandmother, Carolina Flores, passed away after being in the hospital for almost two months.  God gifted her eighty-one years on this earth.  My grandmother was a very rare person and there were several things I admired about her.  According to her, there was only one right way to make fresh warm flour tortillas for breakfast on Saturday mornings, chorizo with eggs, fried potatoes, refried beans, and salsa.  I also remember the smell of coffee inundating her tiny home.  As a single mother she raised her five children with very little help.  Her work ethic was incredible and she always made sure there was enough food to get the family through the week.  My grandma was also very blunt and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.  If someone picked on you, you didn’t need a big brother with a grandmother like mine.  But perhaps the most consequential action she took when my mom and her siblings were young was to send them to church, especially Vacation Bible School.  The small local Baptist church served as a foundation for my mother’s own faith and as a catalyst that would change the destiny of my family forever.  My mother often shares with me how she loved her VBS teachers, the arts and crafts, and the delicious food for all the neighborhood children who attended.  “It was a way to escape our poverty and the stigma our family carried because my father had abandoned us,” my mom says, “we felt loved and I placed my faith in Christ at VBS.”

My grandma would come to faith a few years later and attended her church faithfully for many years.  Today, I am a pastor because my grandmother sent my mother to Vacation Bible School.  She changed the destiny of my entire family.  My mother is also the reason my father came to know Christ and is a pastor too.  All I can say is: “Thank you, grandma!  I know Christ and serve Him because of you.”

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Basilio Ramirez, Worship Pastor