The Church is the Body of Christ

Restrictions are starting to ease up all around us, and as that happens people are going right back to their lives, so what did we learn?  I believe God has done and will continue to do some incredible things in the lives of many people during this time.  We have seen the Lord stir up hearts to receive Jesus Christ as Lord.  We have heard stories of members reaching out to friends, neighbors, and family to care for physical and spiritual needs.  We have been reminded as many have said previously, “that the church was never closed, because the church is the body of Christ, and isn’t a building.”

That is such a simple, yet profound sentence.  If we let it sink in we will find that it can bring both encouragement, and conviction.  Encouragement in that God was never reliant on us attending a meeting once a week to stir hearts for Him, provide for the least of these, or uphold the entire universe.  Convicting in that it may reveal in us a dichotomy of faith.  Where we have allowed the church to simply be a building or a group of people we go to or identify with, but not the pick up our crosses daily, follow Jesus with all we are, community.  Where our faith was perhaps tied too closely to the building instead of the person of Christ.

So the appropriate response now is to be thankful.  Thankful for the chance to evaluate and see where we are.  Are we really salt and light, and are we bringing gospel minded clarity to each day we live, or not?  Are we okay with the answer to that question?  Will we respond appropriately in repentance or gratitude and humility to watch the Lord bring about change?  Being thankful for the ability to get back together, even if it does seem strange in the way we now meet, is a right response.  But let us not be content with just “getting back together” let’s not just enjoy the community.  Let’s be the church, and allow Sunday worship to be that, worship.  A time where we as a community reflect on, glorify, magnify, and worship our incredible God, and as individuals let us seek ways to stir up one another’s hearts for Him.

Scott Hoerner, Assoc. Min. of Youth & Young Adults